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250g This specialty roasted coffee is a gem! Picked in its prime on farm, it's processed, roasted and delivered straight to your door. Roaster's note: Bin 478 is a washed coffee, so it is picked when prime then depulped using water in a mechanical processes and then dried. It is suitable for plunger, espresso or filter. This coffee is roasted to a medium/city level.
250g Once you try Bundja coffee you will see why people keep buying these fresh roasted coffee beans. Left longer on the tree, the pulp begins to ferment bringing out a fruitier, more intense flavour. Roaster's note: Bundja is the go-to plunger choice for the Mountain Top head roaster.  Because the coffee bean stays on the tree longer the pulp around the bean dries and begins to ferment. After havest it is mechanically dried resulting in a fruitier and more intense cup with a good body.
250g Looking for an Arabica specialty coffee that ticks all the boxes? This 100% Australian grown Microlot reveals notes of watermelon, apple and sultanas as it lingers on the palate. Roaster's note: Selected from the first 3 harvest days, Microlot comes from a group of pure Kenyan (K7) Arabica specialty coffee grown on red volcanic soil.  Usable across all applications that a medium-plus roast is suited to.
250g Nimbin Blend is a processed from a combination of natural and washed beans. It is a favourite among vendors and baristas in its capacity as an all-rounder. The Kenyan (K7) variety of Arabica bean thrives in the red soil above Nimbin. Deep and syrupy with the usual smooth nature of Mountain Top coffees, this medium roast blend has a mild acidity with flavour notes of citrus, plum, apple and raisin.