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Blue Goat Cheese | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Size: 150g Form: wedge Serving Suggestion: table cheese Less commonly found than blue cow milk cheeses, blue goat has all of the attributes of a classic blue with the added complexity of goat milk.  One of our farmers' market favourites that definitely raises the the standard of any cheese platter.  Enjoy it with crisp, clean beers or white wine.
Size: 280g Form: tub Serving Suggestion: salads, cooking Lillian is a traditional Greek style goat milk feta.  Soft and crumbly, matured in brine, its an essential part of any salad. Our farm fresh milk ensures lillian fetta has beautiful floral aroma notes which contrast with the brine and gentle goat milk flavours.
St Billie | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Size: 80g Form: round Serving Suggestion: table cheese, salads, cooking St billie is a cheese we developed together with Pascal Destandau, who generously helped us gain access to specialty cheesemaking cultures from France. A surface ripened lactic cheese in the vein of Pelardon or Crottin, St Billie has a dense smooth paste and delicate gummy rind.  Traditionally eaten warm with honey, it can be enjoyed with a glass of sweeter white wine and bread.
Sweet Goat Cheese | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Size: 150g Form: wedge Serving Suggestion: table cheese Simply the best hard goat cheese in the country!  Aged for a minimum of 3 months, sweet goat belongs on every cheese platter.  Best eaten as a table cheese, the sweet, nutty and matured caramel cheese flavours make it very more-ish. No wonder this is one of our most popular farmers' market cheeses. Simple. Delicious.
Washed Goat Cheese | Nimbin Valley Dairy
As a meditation ritual, medieval monks tended their cheese by washing them daily.  In their eyes this practice maintained a clean rind clean, but it also altered the rind microflora to produce a soft cheese with incredible depth of flavour.  Our Washed Goat is a tribute to their dedication and a must for every goat cheese lover - pairing superbly with any sweet fruit or paste and sourdough. Size: 110g Shape: whole round Serving Suggestion: table cheese Notes: firmer when young, soft when mature, bloomy, surface ripened.