Here are answers to some of our most frequent questions. If your question is not answered here please contact us for more information, we’re always happy to help.

Our Farm

What type of animals do you have?2020-06-25T17:52:18+10:00

We have a herd of Jersey and JerseyX cows and a herd of mainly Saanen goats. (Plus Ralph the maremma guard dog and his long suffering wife Georgie.)

Can we visit your farm?2020-06-25T17:56:15+10:00

Currently we are not open for farm visits – we hope to change this in the future.

Is the farm certified organic?2020-06-25T17:57:16+10:00

No.  But we use no growth hormones, pesticides or chemical sprays on the pastures nor chemical fertilizers.  We use antibiotics if an animal is sick and her milk is then excluded from cheesemaking until she is cleared.

Are young animals left on their mothers after birth?2020-06-25T17:58:38+10:00

Yes.  Newborns and their mothers are left in the nursery paddock for several days after birth.  We keep an eye on them to ensure they are suckling well and the mother is eating and drinking after birth.  We then start milking the mother to ensure she has no udder infection and we start feeding her extra to ensure she will reach optimum milk production.  After the first week the mother is reintroduced to the milking herd and returns to the calf/kid overnight. During this time we start to feed the kid/calf extra milk and hay. This continues for 6-8 weeks until the calf/kid weans itself.

What happens to your young male animals?2020-06-25T17:59:39+10:00

Male calves are grown out to about 12months of age and then sold.  Male kids are given to a local business that rears them to sell as pets, weed eaters etc.  We don’t sell bobby calves for slaughter.

Our Produce

Is your milk pasteurised?2020-06-25T18:01:22+10:00


Is your milk homogenised?2020-06-25T18:02:16+10:00


Do you use animal rennet in cheesemaking?2020-06-25T18:03:18+10:00

No. All rennet is vegetarian.

Can we buy directly from your farm?2020-06-25T18:04:05+10:00

Currently we are not open for sales – we hope to change this in the future.

Which farmers’ markets do you go to?2020-06-25T18:10:41+10:00

We do all the Northern Rivers Farmers’ Markets and some Gold Coast.

Ballina Sunday  7-11am
Bangalow Saturday 7 – 11am
Budall – HOTA Saturday 7 – midday
Byron Bay Thursday 7 – 11am
Lismore Thursday 2:30 – 6pm
Mulllumbimby Friday 7 – 11am
Murwillumbah Wednesday 7 – 11am
Nimbin Wednesday 3 – 6pm
Palm Beach Saturday 7 – midday
How does ordering and Delivery work?2020-06-25T18:13:02+10:00

Order and pay via the online shop.  At checkout enter your postcode and you will be provided with delivery days and time slots available.  Choose one and you are good to go! Please note because the courier is refrigerated and the cheese is packed in cardboard boxes please ensure you are available to take delivery.

Which postcodes do you deliver to?2020-06-25T18:15:11+10:00

Enter your postcode into our ‘postcode finder thingy’ below to find out if we deliver to you.  We cannot deliver outside these postcodes.

Can we buy everything you produce online?2020-06-25T18:16:05+10:00

All products that we deliver are available in the online shop.  We also produce milk, kefir and yoghurt but these don’t transport well so they aren’t available online.

How is the cheese packed?2020-06-25T18:17:15+10:00

It is packed in a cardboard box and delivered by refrigerated courier.  We don’t use polystyrene or other insulating materials to reduce waste and cost so please choose a delivery time when you will be able to take delivery.  PLEASE NOTE THE COURIER WILL NOT OPEN CLOSED PROPERTY GATES – THIS IS A LEGAL RESTRICTION AND YOUR ORDER WILL BE LEFT AT THE GATE.

How much does delivery cost?2023-10-27T16:02:56+11:00

Delivery is free for orders above $100

Have we missed anything….?2020-06-25T18:21:27+10:00

Please contact us!

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