Size: 150g, 1.75kg, 3.5kg, 7kg
Form: wedge
Serving Suggestion: table cheese, cooking

monte nardi is Australia’s first truly original regional cheese. Early Italian settlers to the Northern Rivers made and matured this cheese under their houses, using their own milk; it made an excellent table cheese at only a few weeks of age.  As it matured, becoming more flavoursome and harder, it was grated and used on pasta dishes.

Paul spent time at the local Italian retirement village listening to their stories and how they made this cheese.  So happy to share their skills and knowledge, Paul went home, followed their detailed recipes and monte nardi was created!

Mount Nardi (Monte = Mountain) rises behind our farm and stands sentinel over the region, visible from the coast to the Great Divide; the Nardi family is one of the pioneering Italian families in Nimbin with many descendants still in the area.

We make this cheese as a tribute to, and celebration of, all the good things that cultural diversity has brought to our region.