We take the sustainability of our farm very seriously and uphold our commitment to walk lightly on our Earth.

We acknowledge that greenhouse gases produced by goats and cows contribute to global warming. To offset these emissions, we began a tree planting program ten years ago. To date, we have planted enough trees to offset the annual greenhouse gas emissions from out goats. Our goal is to completely offset the emissions of our cow herd and cheesemaking.

All of our cheese and milk packaging is made of 100% recyclable plastic which we choose over glass due to its lower level of ‘embedded energy’. We have an ongoing commitment to monitor and reduce our business waste and are always looking for new ways of reducing our environmental footprint. We use 100% ‘Green Power’ which is energy produced from renewable sources.

We have reduced the use of chemical fertilisers by over 80% since we started using composted animal manure as our main source of soil nutrients. This ongoing annual program has the added benefit of helping build up soil carbon, humus and organic matter which, in turn, retain soil moisture and fortify the soil against erosion.