covid-19 bunker box survival kit - advanced user

covid-19 bunker box survival kit - advanced user

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1 x 2L cow milk - pasteurised, non-homogenised

1 x 200g cultured salted butter

1 x 1.1L natural pot set yoghurt

1 x soft cheese of the week

1 x 280g pot smooth cow feta 

1 x 150g blue cow

1 x 150g monte nardi

1 x 100g Finocchiona (fennel) salami from Salumi Australia

1 x 120g Falwasser crispbread from Byron Bay Crackers (gf)

1 x 150g Grumpy Grandmas baked mixed olives

For the Advanced User this self isolation thing isn't about feeling locked in but deciding to lock the world out! So if you're at the top of your game when it comes to self-isolating and just looking for something to help you take the edge off your week this is for you - all the good stuff from the intermediate bunker box plus salami, crackers and oilves - just add a few drinks, some virtual friends and you're there - as good as the real thing! (well, no where near it really, but better than watching the telly stone-faced for another week, again!)