thank you

Our journey has been long and it hasn’t finished yet. Along the way we have had the assistance of some enormously talented people who have been extraordinarily generous with their ideas and time.

Neil Willman and Gina del Santo, in conjunction with a Dairy Australia Cheesemaking Scholarship, helped us get started in 2007.

In an era when many successful business people retire to sip cocktails on Hayman Island, Alison Lansley decided to donate her time and considerable energy to the Australian Specialist Cheesemakers' Association to ensure the Australian industry kicks some goals.  To that end Alison coaxed the world’s leading artisan cheesemaking trainer, Ivan Lacher, down under with the goal of raising the standard of Australian artisan cheese. The Nimbin Valley range and quality is a testament to the dedication of these two people.

Tyrone McGilick suffers cheerfully with an unending pipeline of IT support, Sue Loveday and the DesignFront team have been invaluable in sorting our design needs, while Cam Hogan provides the best management accounting advice on offer.

As on all family farms, family and friends have provided assistance from the beginning and without their support we wouldn't be here.  Our three boys, Jarred, Zach and Daniel probably know far more about fencing, milking, pasteurising milk, raising animals, farmers' markets and weekend work than they ever thought necessary!

Lastly, we must thank our customers who continue to support our vision of a local and sustainable artisan cheese business that walks lightly on the land, considers animal welfare to be paramount and values the connection between all of us that makes our produce taste just that much better!