Silverbeet and feta pie

Spinach pie
This classic Greek pie combines earthy silverbeet, which is given a lift by chunks of salty feta cheese. A hearty pie served warm or cold the next day. 
you will need: 
1 bunch of fresh silverbeet 
1 medium onion 
2 or 3 chopped spring onions 
½ cup chopped flat leaf parsley 
2 tsp chopped fennel 
¼ tsp nutmeg 
100g lillian fetta cheese 
¼ cup grated parmesan 
4 lightly beaten eggs 
salt and freshly ground black pepper 
10 sheets of filo pastry 
melted butter or olive oil 
Wash silverbeet, remove stems and chop coarsely. Steam until wilted. Fry onion and spring onion until translucent. Combine cooked onion and silverbeet with remaining ingredients in a bowl adding salt and pepper to taste. 
Brush a pie dish with melted butter or olive oil. Add a layer of pastry then brush with oil and place another sheet on top. Continue until you have used six sheets of pastry. Add the filling and then top with remaining four sheets of pastry, oiling between layers. Fold in the edges so they don’t burn. Brush the top sheet with a little oil and a small amount of water. 
Bake at 180ºC for 45 minutes until golden brown. 
Cheesemaker’s tip: Use frozen puff pastry instead of filo. Fry onion in a large saucepan then add chopped spinach directly to it and stir until wilted.