Sainte billy

Nimbin Valley Dairy’s Billy range of soft goat curd cheeses, are made from our freshest morning milk. The milk flows directly from the dairy into the cheese vat, minimising handling and damage to the fragile milk fat. The milk is also pasteurised in the vat, ensuring the whole process is as gentle as possible. We then add culture to the milk, along with a little salt and rennet, and set it overnight at a constant temperature. 
The next day, our cheesemaker Paul ladles the curds by hand into cotton cloth bags and leaves them to drain for 24 hours. During this time, the room temperature is lowered to develop the subtle flavours of our cheese. 
The end product is a soft, fresh cheese. It has a luscious creamy mouth feel and tastes great with fresh sour dough or good quality crackers. We also enjoy it with seasonal fruits or a splash of fruity extra virgin olive oil. Its moderate salt level makes it suitable for both savoury and sweet dishes but traditionally, we use it to make delicious quiches, onion jam tarts and pasta. 
Milk Type: goat – Nimbin Valley Dairy Classification: fresh Size: 120g & 380g Rennet: non-animal Drink suggestion: dry or fruity white wine.