All of the cow milk consumed by Australians has been pasteurised, simply because it is illegal to sell raw cow milk in Australia. 
Pasteurised milk has been subjected to heat treatment to reduce the presence of harmful bacteria. Modern large commercial dairying involves the mass transporting and distribution of milk across vast distances and pasteurisation is a method of ensuring the milk arrives on the supermarket shelf, relatively fresh and fit for human consumption. 
On the downside, the process of pasteurisation destroys some of the beneficial enzymes and proteins in milk, reduces the solubility of calcium, destroys some of the vitamins and alters the taste. For these reasons, many people prefer unpasteurised goat milk. 
Because goats are free from many of the diseases of cattle, it is legal to produce and sell raw goat milk. The raw milk we produce at Nimbin Valley Dairy is bottled on our farm and delivered directly to our distributors, so it is always fresh. 
We follow a strict Food Safety Plan and our farming business is independently audited every six months, ensuring our produce is safe, healthy and tastes great.