Our Animals

The goats at Nimbin Valley spend sunny days grazing outdoors across 120 hectares of fertile green pastures. They have shelter from the rain and are happy to greet us at five o’clock each morning when it’s time for milking. Their wellbeing is a priority for us, so we don’t feed them genetically modified food or anything else we wouldn’t be happy to eat ourselves. 
The goats have their own nutritionist, Bill, and vet, Ray, who help keep them happy, healthy and in top condition. Bill makes sure their diet is balanced with the correct amounts of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. This in turn, ensures they produce the highest quality and best tasting milk. 
Tonya tends to our goats and conducts regular heath checks on each and every member of the herd. If a goat is prescribed antibiotics, she is rested from the milking herd until fully recovered. This is one of the ways we keep our milk and cheeses completely free of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified ingredients. 
In our experience, happy and contented animals yield the most wholesome and delicious produce. Try our products and taste the difference.