Orange billy goat cheese and macadamia salad

Goat cheese salad
This salad is particularly good with grilled fish or chicken. The crunchy leaves contrast well with the creamy goat cheese and the orange oil.
you will need: 
small bowl of mixed salad leaves 
½ cup salted macadamia pieces 
1 tub orange billy goat cheese 
1 whole orange, peeled and segmented 
1 tbs white balsamic vinegar 
Peel the orange, removing the skin, pith and membrane that divides the segments. Hold the orange firmly in your hand over a bowl and gently slide the knife between the membrane walls towards the centre of the fruit to release each segment. 
Roughly tear the salad leaves and place in serving bowl. Add macadamias, orange segments and chunks of goat cheese. Add two tablespoons orange billy oil to the vinegar and whisk. Pour over the salad and serve.