Orange billy

orange billy
As part of our Billy range of soft goat cheeses, Orange Billy is made from our freshest morning milk and locally grown produce. 
The milk flows directly from the dairy into the cheese vat, minimising handling and damage to the fragile milk fat. The milk is also pasteurised in the vat, ensuring the whole process is as gentle as possible. 
We then add culture to the milk, along with a little salt and rennet, and set it overnight at a constant temperature. The next day, our cheese maker Paul ladles the curds by hand into cotton cloth bags and leaves it to drain for 48 hours. During this time, the room temperature is lowered to develop the subtle flavours of our cheese. 
Because Orange Billy is drained for twice as long as the Basil and Chilli Billy cheeses, it has a much firmer consistency, enabling us to cube and marinate the cheese. 
The infused grape seed oil we use to marinate our Orange Billy cheese is made especially for us by Lee at Iron Pot Foods. To make the oil, Lee hand-picks fresh rosemary from her farm, then dries and bruises the rosemary before combining it with orange zest and grape seed oil. The light, flavourless characteristics of grape seed oil make it a perfect carrier for the aromatic rosemary and orange, which are left to infuse before adding to our cubed Billy Cheese. 
The result is a creamy cheese with a deliciously unique flavour. The freshness of the citrus, balanced with the subtle sweetness of orange and robust flavour of rosemary means it can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. 
The flavour of Orange Billy is perfectly suited to duck and other game-based dishes, as the sweet acidic citrus cuts through robust, heavy flavours. The consistency of the cheese is similar to fois gras and so it makes for an interesting twist to classic French and Asian dishes. 
In warmer months, we use it to make a fresh summer salad, with assorted lettuce, segmented orange pieces, crushed macadamia nuts and white balsamic vinegar. It can also be used in cheesecake and to add a twist to sticky, fruity desserts. Once the cheese is finished, the delicious carrier oil can be drizzled over salad, pasta or pizza or used for marinating meats. 
As with all our cheeses, Orange Billy also tastes great served simply with fresh sour dough, or good quality crackers. 
Milk Type: goat – Nimbin Valley Dairy Classification: fresh marinated 
Size: 325g 
Rennet: non-animal 
Drink suggestion: fruity white wine, light red wine such as pinot noir or dessert wine such as musket or ‘Pedro Ximenez’ sweet sherry