Lillian fetta

Nimbin Valley Dairy’s Lillian Fetta cheese is hand-made according to a traditional Greek recipe. 
The milk flows directly from the dairy into the cheese vat, minimising handling and damage to the fragile milk fat. The milk is also pasteurised in the vat, ensuring the whole process is as gentle as possible and the volatile goat milk fats remains stable. This results in soft goaty characteristics, rather than the astringent flavour often found in commercial goat cheeses. 
We then add culture to the milk, along with a little salt and rennet, and set it for a short time before gently cutting the curd to expel some moisture. Once the desired acid and moisture balance is achieved, our cheese maker Paul ladles the curd into hoops and leaves the cheese to drain for 24 hours. 
The next day, Paul slices the fetta according to Greek tradition (the word ‘fetta’ in Greek, literally means ‘slice’) and places the slices in pots with salty brine. The result is a rich salty fetta, with subtle goaty notes. 
If you prefer a less salty fetta, just soak the slices in water for 1 – 2 minutes to rinse off the excess brine. 
We use our Lillian fetta for traditional recipes, such as spinach and fetta pie and Greek salad. It’s also great on pumpkin pizza and makes a deliciously interesting salad, tossed with beetroot, ripped greens and drizzled with a seeded mustard dressing. 
Milk Type: goat – Nimbin Valley Dairy Classification: rindless brined cheese 
Size: 200g 
Rennet: non-animal 
Drink suggestion: Fetta is commonly eaten with salads and breads so let’s think crisp whites and even sparkling wines