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Paul and Kerry.

We produce a range of handcrafted cheeses, butter, kefir, milk and yoghurt on our farm.

They are available for delivery by refrigerated courier – check if we deliver to your postcode. Please note that the courier is unable to open property gates so if you are expecting a delivery please leave all gates open. We don’t use polystyrene boxes – only compostable cardboard, so if you won’t be home to take delivery please leave an esky at your front door.

Products Crafted from Cow Milk

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Black Cow Cheese Wrap | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Black Cow

Size: 150g
Form: whole wheel
Serving Suggestion: table cheese

Black Cow is a bloomy white mould cheese crafted from cow milk with the addition of cream, in a modern style. It is rolled in vine leaf ash prior to the growth of the white mould and the result is a spectacularly mottled black and white rind. When young the paste has a chalky texture which matures into a very creamy and soft cheese with a rich buttery yellow centre and has a striking line of black ash though the middle.

Crisp Japanese lagers or Stone & Wood Pacific Ale are an excellent pair, as is a clean fruity cider. The rind and middle ash layer makes this cheese a striking centerpiece of a cheese platter.

Blue Cow Cheese Wrap | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Blue Cow (150g)

Size: 150g
Form: wedge
Serving Suggestion: table cheese, cooking

Our blue is rich, smooth and creamy with just the right amount of blueing.  With distinct umami flavours, mellowing with age, becoming soft and spreadable with distinct fruity notes.  Serve it with intensely sweet dried or fresh fruit, or fruit paste, and crackers.  In our house its served decadently with cultured butter!

Creme Fraiche | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Créme Fraîche (280ml)

Size: 280g
Form: tub
Serving Suggestion: spread, cooking

On its journey to becoming cultured butter our sweet cream is cultured to make créme fraîche.  Another product under our Byron Bay label, lightly soured and spoonable, it's the perfect addition to both savoury and sweet dishes. Similar to the English clotted cream, a dollop on scones is just the business!

Cultured Butter | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Cultured Butter (200g)

Size: 200g
Form: round
Serving Suggestion: spread, cooking

As a child, milking cows, separating cream and churning butter with Grandma was a joy. She used freshly made butter in everything from sponge cakes, to scones, to topping a jacket potato at dinner and any excess was swapped with the neighbours for their surplus. Simple times!

Made under our Byron Bay label, our butter uses the freshest cream which we culture for 48hrs before churning to produce the butteriest most flavoursome butter you've ever tasted!  Perfect for baking, making a simple pasta sauce or simply smothering on fresh bread. Simple. Delicious.

Monte Nardi Wrap | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Monte Nardi (150g)

Size: 150g
Form: wedge
Serving Suggestion: table cheese, cooking

monte nardi is Australia's first truly original regional cheese. Early Italian settlers to the Northern Rivers made and matured this cheese under their houses, using their own milk; it made an excellent table cheese at only a few weeks of age.  As it matured, becoming more flavoursome and harder, it was grated and used on pasta dishes.

Paul spent time at the local Italian retirement village listening to their stories and how they made this cheese.  So happy to share their skills and knowledge, Paul went home, followed their detailed recipes and monte nardi was created!

Mount Nardi (Monte = Mountain) rises behind our farm and stands sentinel over the region, visible from the coast to the Great Divide; the Nardi family is one of the pioneering Italian families in Nimbin with many descendants still in the area.

We make this cheese as a tribute to, and celebration of, all the good things that cultural diversity has brought to our region.

Nashua Washed Rind | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Nashua Washed Rind (150g)

Size: 150g
Form: round
Serving Suggestion: table cheese, occasionally cooking

This award winning cheese was one of the first of its kind in Australia. Similar to the French Époisses, it has a smooth creamy paste when aged and the distinct kick that washed rinds are renowned for.  Left in your fridge this cheese will let you know when it's ready to be eaten!

Made under our Byron Bay label, nashua washed rind is robust enough to pair with full flavoured red wines, ports and even whisky.  Enjoy it with simple crackers or sourdough.


Tintenbar Triple Cream Wrap | Nimbin Valley Dairy
Tintenbar Triple Cream (150g)

Size: 150g
Form: round
Serving Suggestion: table cheese

A true icon of the Australian soft bloomy white mould cheese world and made under our Byron Bay label. With a pure white mould rind, ageing to cream and caramel hues, it hides a luscious, gooey paste with a lemony chalky core when young.  tintenbar is a crowd pleaser that everyone will enjoy with crackers, good bread or eaten directly from your fingers when cutting it for a cheeseboard!


White Cow Cheese | Nimbin Valley Dairy
White Cow (150g)

Size: 150g
Form: wedge
Serving Suggestion: table cheese

If you're looking for something more than the standard bloomy white mould cheese, more than just simple mushroom and milky/cream flavours, white cow is for you! Reminiscent of the great raw milk bries of northern France this cheese has barn-yard and ripe fruit/berry flavour notes, with ahint of cauliflower when mature and of course the complex grass flavours that come from our milk  Even people with jaded cheese palates will come back for more of this cheese.